Visit the Lomon Billions titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment experts at MECS 2020

Visit the Lomon Billions titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment experts at booth G09 at the Middle East Coatings Show 2020(MECS 2020) in Dubai from 9-11 March.

High performance TiO2 pigments for coatings

“We’ll be promoting our range of high performance LOMON®and BILLIONS®TiO2 pigments for coatings and inks, including one of our most popular pigments, LOMON® R-996 pigment, an excellent all-rounder for interior and exterior coatings, trusted by coatings formulators worldwide, and our specialist BILLIONS® TR52 pigment for printing inks, both made by the sulphate process,” says Julie Reid, Marketing Director.

Chloride TiO2 pigment for coatings applications

“We also make titanium dioxide pigments using the chloride process,” says Julie. “Our latest chloride TiO2 pigment for coatings is BILLIONS® BLR-895 pigment.

"It’s a durable chloride TiO2 pigment with excellent dispersion, opacity, and gloss, and delivers brilliant whiteness with a clean blue tone making it suitable for an extensive range of architectural and industrial coatings.

"Our tests show that BLR-895 pigment can deliver a brighter, bluer white when compared with several competitive chloride TiO2 pigments including internationally recognised brands.

"Thanks to its inorganic surface coating it has outstanding dispersion performance.

"It disperses quickly and easily into coatings formulations, helping to achieve efficient production and high-quality coatings.”

Developing another chloride TiO2 pigment for coatings

“We’re currently developing another chloride titanium dioxide pigment for coatings.

"It’s been designed for industrial coatings applications and will also perform well in architectural coatings.

"With its optimised alumina and silica coating, it will provide superior durability for the most demanding exterior applications, whilst also providing excellent optical and dispersion performance for superb visual appearance and formulation efficiency.

"The development process has now reached trial stage.”

Latest acquisition

Lomon Billions was formed by a merger between Henan Billions Chemical Company Ltd and Sichuan Lomon Titanium Industry Company Ltd in October 2016 andis now the world’s third largest producer of titanium dioxide pigment and number one in Asia.

The company has an annual TiO2 pigment production capacity of more than 1000kt and is growing fast.

In 2019 Lomon Billions acquired 98.39% equity in Yunnan Metallurgical Xinli Titanium Industry Co, Ltd (Xinli Titanium) in Chuxiong, Yunnan Province, China.

The acquired manufacturing site was designed to produce chloride titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment, titanium slag, and titanium sponge and employs around 1000 people.

Since the acquisition, Lomon Billions has transformed Chuxiong site, refurbishing and restarting all areas of production.

Its current production capacity is around 60kt/yr of chloride TiO2 pigment, 80kt/yr of titanium slag, and 10kt/yr of titanium sponge.

The company plans to construct new production lines at Chuxiong that, along with debottlenecking of current capacity, will eventually increase production capacity to around 300kt/pyr of chloride TiO2 pigment, 200kt/yr of chloride titanium slag, and 50kt/yr of titanium sponge.

At a re-opening ceremony on January 9, Mr Gang Xu, Chairman of Lomon Billions, said, “We plan to invest a total of around RMB10bn (US$1.44 bn) in new projects.

"This investment will help us to grow our titanium business, continue our strategy of vertical and horizontal integration and deliver significant chloride TiO2 pigment production growth for sale in the global market.”

Visit the Lomon Billions TiO2 pigment experts at MECS 2020 to find out more about the company, its TiO2 pigments and the benefits they can deliver.

Contact Julie Reid, Marketing Director at to make an appointment.

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