PPG launches digital styling programme for advanced automotive colour modelling

PPG has announced the introduction of a digital styling programme that enables automotive designers to execute exceptionally realistic three-dimensional modelling of automotive colours and effects on virtual car designs and surfaces.

Exclusive to the programme is the PPG proprietary “speed shape” that incorporates all the complex shapes, edges, curves and flat surfaces that would comprise any type of automobile. Developed by PPG, the digital vehicle model is designed to depict the interaction of colour, geometry and light to create authentic renderings of a vehicle’s surfaces, including its wheels and interior components.

In addition to speed shape, the digital styling programme will offer automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) complete access to PPG’s expansive library of digital colour files. It is also fully compatible with industry-standard colour-rendering software, enabling OEM design teams to collaborate with PPG directly, remotely and in real time on the colour design process.

The program’s launch is the first step in digitising the entire colour styling process for PPG customers.

“Throughout the pandemic, PPG has recognised our customers’ increasing need for digital tools and technologies,” said Federico Menta, PPG Global Technical Director, Customer Development, Automotive OEM Coatings. “Our industry-leading colour experts have already used the programme to conduct colour styling sessions with several major OEM design teams. Many of those customers believe our programme offers an effective alternative to managing the colour-styling process in person. We believe it will enhance customer intimacy and create an opportunity for a collaborative colour-creation process.”

In addition to being a viable substitute for traditional in-person/in-studio colour styling, the program can help OEMs realise significant cost savings.

“The ability to integrate new colour ideas directly into the customer design process allows our customers to extract time and cost from colour-rendering activities,” said Rebecca Liebert, PPG Executive Vice President. “There are also other financial benefits associated with the programme, including enhanced speed to market.”

To learn more about PPG’s digital styling programme or to see a brief demonstration of its capabilities, visit http://www.ppgautocoatings.com/color

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