Lomon Billions to promote new TiO₂ pigments for coatings and inks at CHINACOAT 2020

Next month, Lomon Billions will promote its high-performance titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigments and new product developments for coatings and inks at CHINACOAT 2020. Visit the company’s TiO2 pigment experts in Hall 2.2, Zone 8, Booth No.2.2.E01


Lomon Billions manufactures a wide range of TiO2 pigments for all major applications. Its LOMON®and BILLIONS®products are established worldwide. “We make our TiO2 pigments using both the sulphate and chloride process,” says Julie Reid, Marketing Director. “Our LOMON®and BILLIONS®TiO2 pigments are global brands, approved and used by leading global coatings and inks producers.”


Lomon Billions is building a strong product offer to suit market preferences in a wide range of geographical markets and applications. “We’re aiming for a balanced portfolio of high-performance sulphate-process and chloride-process TiO2 pigments that are tailored for specific end uses within each major application area,” says Julie. “We want our TiO2 pigments to be the ‘pigment of choice’. Our new pigments are being developed for the global market in collaboration with our customers. We have a full product development pipeline with more new chloride-process and sulphate-process TiO2 pigments expected within the next five years. For the coatings sector, we are currently developing new chloride-process TiO2 pigments for super-durable industrial coatings, low VOC coatings, high-gloss industrial coatings, paper laminates and specialist coatings. We are also developing a new sulphate-process TiO2 pigment for reverse printing inks.”


Lomon Billions has been manufacturing high-performance TiO2 pigments in China for more than 30 years.

The company operates five TiO2 pigment production sites and also owns titanium-rich ilmenite mines in China. Itis now ranked third in the world and first in Asia in terms of TiO2 pigment production capacity and currently has a TiO2 pigment manufacturing capacity of more than 1,000,000t/yr, 650,000t of which is manufactured using the sulphate process and 360,000t manufactured using the chloride process. The company’s global headquarters and its 12,000m2technology centre are located in Jiaozuo. In May, 2020 Lomon Billions opened a new sales and technical centre in Shanghai. It has regional offices in North America and in Europe and has been expanding its European operations.



Lomon Billions is growing fast. Recent multi-million-dollar investment in the construction of new chloride-process TiO2 manufacturing capacity and the acquisition of chloride process manufacturing facilities in China has rapidly grown the company’s TiO2 manufacturing capacity by over 60% from 600,000t/yr in 2018 to more than 1000,000t/yr in 2020. “This investment will help us to grow our titanium business, continue our strategy of vertical and horizontal integration and help deliver significant chloride TiO2 pigment production growth for sale in the global market,” says Mr Gang Xu, Chairman at Lomon Billions. “The additional capacity strengthens the company’s global competitiveness and has allowed us to increase our chloride TiO2 pigment portfolio to manufacture more high-performance chloride TiO2 pigments for a wider range of applications.”

Strategic planning for market leadership

Lomon Billions makes no secret of its strategic investment plans to grow its business and to strengthen its competitiveness through vertical and horizontal integration. “The company has vigorous development plans,” says Mr Xu. “They include investment in innovative TiO₂ pigment manufacturing technology, increasing vertical integration into feedstock and expansion of our chloride TiO₂ pigment manufacturing capacity still further. We aim to become the global market leader in the TiO2 manufacturing industry by the mid 2020’s.”

New chloride-process TiO2manufacturing capacity

In February 2018, the company committed to a US$285M investment in the construction of two new 100,000t chloride TiO2 manufacturing lines at Jiaozuo. Commercial production from the first line began in H2, 2019 and from the second line in H1, 2020. In June 2019, Lomon Billions acquired a 60,000t/yr chloride TiO2manufacturing site in Chuxiong from Xinli Titanium. Lomon Billions has refurbished the site extensively and restarted it in January 2020.

More chloride-process TiO2 production lines will be constructed. There will be two new 100,000t/yr lines at Chuxiong and another new 100,000t/yr line at Jiaozuo. The first of the new lines at Chuxiong is already under construction. The three new lines, along with debottlenecking of current capacity, will eventually increase chloride-process TiO2capacity by around 340,000t/yr, growing Lomon Billions’ chloride-process TiO2 production capacity to around 700,000t/yr.

Multi-billion-dollar future-proofing investment

Lomon Billions has recently committed to further massive multi-billion-dollar investment over the next five years in additional titanium-rich mineral mining in China. In May 2020, the Board of Directors at Lomon Billions approved plans to invest US$98.5M to establish a new titanium metal subsidiary in China, Gansu Detong Guotai Metal Company Limited.The new subsidiary will mine ilmenite and produce high-titanium slag, titanium sponge and titanium alloy. And on July 6, 2020, Lomon Billions signed a strategic framework agreement with the Panzhihua Government in China to develop and process the region’s vanadium-titanium magnetite resources.

Over the next five years, the company plans to invest US$2bn in a large-scale development project to help transform vanadium-titanium magnetite mining technology and expand mining operations in Panzhihua City. The mines will produce ilmenite for chloride slag, a vital raw material for the manufacture of Lomon Billions’ chloride-process titanium dioxide pigment, titanium sponge and titanium alloy products.

If you’d like to make an appointment to meet one of the Lomon Billions TiO2 pigment experts at CHINACOAT 2020 please contact liufuwei@lomonbillions.com.

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