Leading the charge for e-mobility powder coatings

As global demand for electric vehicles – and e-mobility in general – continues to accelerate, AkzoNobel’s Powder Coatings business has switched on to the growing needs of its customers by developing advanced technologies to help power the industry into the future. Manufacturers of electric vehicles and components want world class solutions to help protect motors, battery system and electrical storage units and the company can now offer a dedicated powder coatings portfolio, alongside a team of technical specialists to provide expert assistance. “Thanks to our renowned Resicoat brand, we have more than 50 years of experience in offering tried, tested and proven performance for a wide range of electrical insulation and high temperature solutions,” explained Daniela Vlad, Director of AkzoNobel Powder Coatings. “Building on that global track record, we’re now taking our innovation even further to help power up the next generation of emobility through both our Resicoat and Interpon brands.”

The company’s powder coatings are already used on car bodies, interiors and alloy wheels. The emergence and rapid growth of e-mobility now presents new opportunities for the company to help batteries last longer and vehicles drive further. Research suggests that the global electric vehicles market will be worth around US$700bn by 2026, up from US$140bn in 2019 – which means AkzoNobel can help guide the industry on its way by continuing to innovate and providing more sustainable solutions for customers.

“We want to help transform the e-mobility market through our pioneering approach and long-standing commitment to technical excellence,” continued Vlad. “We have all the experience and expertise necessary to support the innovators of the next generation technologies that will be used in the world’s most advanced electric vehicles. You could say we’re driving the current to power the future.” For more details, visit www.interpon.com

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