Hubergroup bundles chemical expertise in a separate division

The printing ink manufacturer Hubergroup is repositioning itself: Effective immediately, the production and marketing of raw materials for printing inks and coatings will be handled by the Chemicals Division.

The chemicals manufacturer is focusing on substances, such as PU resins and UV oligomers, among others.

With its extensive product portfolio, it is primarily aimed at the printing and packaging industry, as well as the paint and coatings industry and chemical companies.

To diversify and divide the business into two divisions - Print Solutions and Chemicals - is a strategic corporate decision.

Hubergroup is thus pursuing the goal of making its technological expertise available to a wider range of customers.

Taner Bicer, President Chemicals Division Hubergroup, commented on the launch of the new division: "I am pleased that we have taken this step. As a printing ink manufacturer with more than 255 years of history, we know what is important in the production of printing inks and the raw materials required for them.

"We not only want to incorporate this know-how into our own products but are also happy to pass it on."

The raw material manufacturer with a reactor capacity of more than 250Kt/yr produces mainly PU resins, UV oligomers, various polyesters, colour pigments and pigment preparations, as well as auxiliaries in its own plants in India.

The portfolio is to be successively expanded in the coming years.

Research & Development is managed from India and Europe.

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