DSM expands Skins resins family to drive innovative silk-feel packaging

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, has today launched a new resin product, via the Skins® family, to enable silky-feel design and packaging across a wider range of applications.

Specifically, the new AgiSyn™ 248 resin, which is also known as Silky UV, the UV-curable resin for flexographic and screen overprint varnishes that delivers excellent silk-feel properties.

The new AgiSyn™ 248 resin is an addition to the current silk-feel resins range, which is launched via the character Skins® Silky.

The low viscosity of this resins range makes it well suited for use in flexographic printing or varnishing units.

Thanks to its good chemical and abrasion resistance, Skins® Silky can be used on a range of papers, cardboards and plastics.

This range of resins is easy to process and offers long-term performance.

Building on the success of previously released water-based resins within the silk-feel range, AgiSyn™ 248 can be cured with ultraviolet technology and enables the delivery of the silk-feel experience to a broader range of end-user applications.

When combined with a matting agent, AgiSyn™ 248 creates a unique surface during cure, meaning that the silky feel is created through the structure of the resin itself and not through soft-feeling additives.

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