Colors & Effects brand launches mobile-based, PigmentViewer App

Colors & Effects brand has just launched a new mobile-based application, PigmentViewer App, built on virtual renderings that capture the whole appearance potential of a pigment. With the new app, the user can experience pigments in a realistic format that reveals even the most subtle sparkle. While the app is targeted at designers and product development engineers creating new colourful coatings in the automotive industry, the virtual renderings can be adjusted to industry-specific needs. The Colors & Effects brand has utilised the same digitalisation technology for its automotive styling programme entitled Global Color Presentation, as well as its popular Color of the Moment series for automotive and cosmetics.

Creating a styling requires a complex combination of colour pigments (organic and inorganic) and effect pigments. If the application is transparent, then the interaction between layers also matters in developing a styling. When effect pigments are used, the colour appearance will vary depending on the viewing angle or if the direction of the light source changes. Traditionally, colour scientists and designers would need to use physical samples to get a realistic picture of their desired product. However, with PigmentViewer app, Colors & Effects brand can clearly demonstrate its pigment products and their likely behaviour in a desired application on a mobile device.

Dr Georg Silber, Global Technology Pigments, who initiated the app development and managed the extensive data content architecture, emphasised: “The most special attribute that the application offers is that it outputs the result in the same way as a designer would evaluate the end product: visually on a “panel.” Whereas in this case, the “panel” is replaced by the smartphone display.” By offering the option of moving the display, it helps the observer to evaluate the visual impact a coating would have from different viewing angles. The user needs to only use the app as if it were a realistic panel or sample, and with regular movement, she can evaluate the digital pigment application as it mimics a sample in a real-life physical environment. To improve upon the traditional method of evaluating one panel at a time, the PigmentViewer app allows the observer to compare two pigments side by side on one screen. This feature allows for straightforward comparison and enables easy pigment selection. The PigmentViewer app also aligns well with colour measurement standards like the CIELAB colour values.

“How we present colour in the digital space is one of our innovative pigment services that differentiates us from our competitors,” said Dr Max Mussotter, Co-Lead Colorimetry & Pigment Physics Department. “With the development of our new PigmentViewer app, we are taking a step forward in sharing colour information virtually and sustainably, reducing costly sampling.” Dr Mussotter will take over responsibility for digitalisation from Dr Thomas Frey, following his upcoming retirement in September this year.

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