AkzoNobel and Alucha to turn paper sludge into paint resources

AkzoNobel and Alucha have collaborated on a technology that turns paper sludge into resources for making paint.

Alucha has developed a technology that recovers calcium carbonate – a mineral that goes into things like plastics, paper and paints – from paper waste.

Today, calcium carbonate comes out of mines and quarries in great quantities.

"It goes into plastics, paper, paints, pharmaceuticals and all sorts of everyday life products, which will be thrown away and end up in landfill or incineration facilities,” says Gijs, Alucha CEO.

“Either way you lose the calcium carbonate and burning it will generate carbon dioxide (CO2),” Gijs explains.

“Our technology to recover calcium carbonate will mean less waste in the landfill or incinerator and also less reliance on mining.”

What AkzoNobel finds especially exciting about Alucha’s technology is that the calcium carbonate recovered from paper sludge is an essential raw material for paint.

This non-commodity supply offers a relatively low cost and efficient way to make products more sustainable and circular.

Participating in the circular economy – which AkzoNobel is keen to do – means reducing or eliminating waste and continual use of resources.

It certainly helps to find new and more sustainable sources like this one made possible by Alucha.

Rinske van Heiningen, AkzoNobel’s Director of Sustainability says, “At AkzoNobel, we intend to buy this mineral from Alucha and become their launching customer.

"We’re very excited for opportunities to use recycled raw materials in our products.

"Our partnership with Alucha is one such example supporting our ‘People. Planet. Paint.’ sustainability ambitions.

Finding your first customer, especially if it’s a large corporation like AkzoNobel, is a sign of trust that there is real potential,” says Gijs.

We’re now creating a consortium of partners in order to create the world’s first circular calcium carbonate ‘mine’.”

We’re supporting Alucha in their quest for funding and beyond,” says Rinske. “If all turns out well, we expect to launch the first products infused with Alucha’s magic in 2021."

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