APCJ - a range of media opportunities

In addition to a market-leading publication, the Coatings Group portfolio offers a range of media opportunities to satisfy your needs. Whether you want to promote your products on paper, face-to-face or on-line, APCJ can provide exposure across all these media around the world.


Annual Directory of Suppliers & Distributors to South East Asia

The Directory of Suppliers & Distributors is published annually within APCJ and identifies suppliers of raw materials and equipment.
Published: December 2018

Polymers Paint Colour Journal (PPCJ)

APCJ’s sister publication PPCJ has been running for more than 135 years and is the leading coatings magazine for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

China Export Focus

The China Export Focus is a special publication for companies in Greater China to increase brand awareness at a global level. The supplement boasts a pass-on readership of 70,000 and is published every April in both APCJ and PPCJ.
Published: April 2018


Top 25 Paint Manufacturers in Asia 2018

The Top 25 is a detailed listing of the leading companies in the Asia Pacific paint and coatings market, including key figures and up-to-date contact details.
Published: June 2018

Going Green

Going Green (GG) is a specialist supplement dedicated entirely to raw material suppliers with an environmental offering.
Published: October 2018

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